Sia’s Everyday is Christmas brings joy to the holiday


Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff

Waiting to be purchased at Walmart, Sia’s Christmas Album would make a great stocking stuffer.

By: Afrah Momin, Fall Editor & Reporter

Nothing fills the Christmas holiday better than Christmas music! Sia’s Every Day Is Christmas album will bring joy to the holiday!

The album consists of original songs co-written by Sia and Greg Kurstin. There are ten songs in the album:  Santa’s Coming For Us, Candy Cane Lane, Snowman, Snowflake, Ho Ho Ho, Puppies Are Forever, Sunshine, Underneath the Mistletoe, Every day Is Christmas, Underneath the Christmas Lights. 

Santa’s Coming For Us

The song starts off with a piano playing as Sia begins to sing the lyrics to the song. The tune is soft and mellow until about 27 seconds later when the beat starts to escalate a little faster making the tune seem jolly and upbeat. When the song plays at 1:5o seconds the piano keeps base with the lyrics, however, the jingle bells and drums keep in tune with each other. Santa’s Coming For Us gives off a family-friendly vibe, perfect to play during Christmastime. With a jolly melody, and lyrics that fit perfectly well for the meaning of Christmas, what’s not to love?

Candy Cane Lane

The song starts off with a gentle sound of jingle bells that last for seven seconds and increases the tempo with some drums. When Sia starts to sing “red and yellow and pink and green” during the chorus, it gives a good rhythm to the song which I absolutely love. I also love the high note of “cane” during 1:25 seconds of the song. When you listen to this song, it provides imagery on how Candy Cane Lane would idealistically look like.


The melody of Snowman is slow, mellow, sad, but happy. During 35 seconds of the song, she starts singing to the beat which I really like. It almost makes you want to move to the music. After that, the music starts to slow down following the same mellow, sad tune which was played in the beginning. There are times in the song where it sounds mellow, but also provides a cathartic feeling for the listener.


The song has a slow, steady tempo. It almost sounds contemporary. Although the album is designed for Christmas music, this one song, in particular, doesn’t seem to provide a theme for the meaning of Christmas. It is too soft and mellow. It almost makes you want to go to sleep.

Ho Ho Ho

The mention of alcoholic beverages in the song is humorous. I love the fact the song plays a continuous, upbeat tune. I like the repetition of “Ho Ho Ho” in the song because, with such a jolly tone, the song itself becomes catchy everytime you listen to it. It is one of my favorite songs in the entire album.

Puppies Are Forever 

The song is puzzling me a lot because of its title. I don’t understand how puppies tie to the theme of Christmas. Also, one lyric that she sings is “puppies are forever, not just for Christmas.” I don’t really like this song because of the title and the meaning behind it. Although it is cute, it doesn’t really set the mood for Christmas.


The song is very catchy and upbeat. I don’t think the song is all that great compared to the first and fourth song on the list. It does include lyrics relevant to Christmas, but it doesn’t make want to listen to it during the holidays.

Underneath the Mistletoe 

This song has a very slow tempo. The tune isn’t lively or jolly. It does give a romantic feeling to the idea of what it’s like to be “underneath the mistletoe.”

Everyday Is Christmas

I like the tempo of this song. It has a mellow tune, but it’s also very romantic. I like when Sia sings “Every day is Christmas with you by my side.” This song is perfect to listen to with your significant other.

Underneath the Christmas Lights 

I like when the song is slow and gentle but starts to get louder when Sia starts singing “Underneath the Christmas lights.” The song seems very sad, but also seems to spread positivity towards Christmas. It adds a nice touch to the whole album.




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