Brian Setzer Dig that Crazy Christmas Album Review


Photo Credit: Frankie Brock

By: Frankie Brock, Fall Editor and Reporter

Artist Brian Setzer knows the true spirit of Christmas is fun! He manages to fill everyone with joy and holiday spirit through his lively album Dig That Crazy Christmas.

Its Christmas time once again. Time to search for albums collecting dust on your shelves. When people thing of Christmas, so many things come to mind. Decorations, Lights, Presents, and Parties are important. But the thing that Gets everyone into the spirit of Christmas is music.

This upbeat and exciting Christmas album falls within the genres of Christmas music, Rock and roll, Jump blues, and Swing revival. Dig That Crazy Christmas is the rockin follow up to Boogie Woogie Christmas. Features Christmas classics such as ‘White Christmas’, ‘Let It Snow!’, ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?’ and more.

Setzer has released multiple Christmas albums with his Group the Brian Setzer Orchestra. The Group has succeeded in creating a long line of energetic and entertaining Christmas themed songs with a twist. In total he has three Christmas themed albums, Boogie Woggie Christmas, Dig That Crazy Christmas, and Rockin’ Rudolph.  A Christmas album that everyone should play around the Holidays and my Favorite Brian Setzer album is Dig that Crazy Christmas.

Brian Setzer’s Dig That Crazy Christmas is proof that behind every rockabilly hepcat is a big band leader. Mixing originals with seasonal faves, Setzer and his orchestra manage to swing, rock, roll and otherwise nail classic and original holiday songs.

Setzer contributes two new originals: the horn-driven stopper “Hey Santa!,” spiced with sizzling vocals and instrumental ingenuity.  The roaring blues grinder “Santa’s Got a Hot Rod,” complete with blaring horns and a fine, growling vocal from Setzer describing the wonders of Santa’s new souped-up wheels, which have replaced a “rusty old sleigh.”

Song Review

Getting in the mood” is an upbeat and energetic original song by the Brian Setzer Orchestra “Come on now, we’re gonna party. I know how, yeah to get it started. In the mood, hey Santa boogie.  In the groove, yeah, the party’s swinging.  Boogie-woogie rootin’ for a merry Christmas. It’s Christmas and I’m really getting in the mood.” These lyrics make you want to dance your socks of and boogie woggie rock your way into Christmas.

Hey Santa” takes you back to the 50s and makes you wanna dance. It is a twist from the norm, especially in terms of Christmas ballads. You’ll easily find yourself dancing around your living room as you hang up beautiful decorations. With the sound of a jive, twist, or hop, hey Santa is a song you can’t help singing.

Santa drives a Hot Rod” and “Dig That Crazy Santa Claus”  are songs you are sure to get tuck in your head. keeping to the trend, these two songs will have you up on your feet singing about Santa. But this version of Santa is unconventional he drives a supped up Hot rod car instead of a rickety old slay. Santa Clause is crazy and fun and these two songs make you believe he’s on his way to your house this Christmas Eve.

Dig That Crazy Christmas and other Christmas Albums by Setzer and his orchestra are a beacon of light in a sea full of slow and traditional Christmas ballads. Christmas songs are timeless, without a doubt, but sometimes you need a change from the slow and sometimes rather depressing Christmas songs. Setzer’s songs are always refreshing and fun and will find yourself filled with holiday spirit and Getting in the mood!

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