Colonia High’s Boys’ Basketball defeats Franklin after three losses


Photo Credit: Photo Via Twitter under Creative Commons License

Varsity boys get together for 2017-2018 team photo.

By: Alyssa Salvato, Fall reporter

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 3:15PM Colonia High School and Franklin High School competed in a Varsity Boys’ Basketball game in Colonia High School’s Gymnasium. 

At the end of the first quarter Colonia had the game in the bag with a score of 16 to 7. Then as the second quarter rolled around Colonia had gained 15 points to Franklin’s 14 points. In total Colonia was in the lead at 31 to 21 only ten points away that can easily be obtained. This time in the third quarter Franklin gained more points then Colonia being 14 to 11.

Sadly for them, Colonia still held the lead with 42 to 35, but Franklin was not ready to give up. Down to the last quarter they fought there hardest and got 11 points to Colonia’s 14. Leaving the final score 56 to 46, Colonia taking the win after three losses in a row from Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Hackettstown, and Sayreville. Both teams did an amazing job on the court and there is really great potential in what these students can become if they continue playing basketball. This game was one of two to start off the LeGrand/Haley Holiday Jubilee.

Trevin Midgette, varsity basketball player for Franklin High School was able to get eight field goals, one free throw, and four rebounds, totaling out to 17 points. Which is only six points less than half of Franklin’s final score. That is very impressive for one person to do. Also Dominic Wright, varsity basketball player for Franklin High School had three field goals, one three point field goal, four free throws, seven rebounds, two assists, and four steals coming to 13 points. This player is absolutely phenomenal. Not only did these players from Franklin stand out, but also DeWarren Watkins, Matthew Xi, and many more.

Luke Valeriano, varsity basketball player for CHS throughout the game acquired five field goals, two three pointers, and three free throws coming to 19 points for the team. Kristian Chapmann, varsity basketball player for Colonia High School made another 12 points for the team through three field goals and six free throws. Other recognizable players from Wednesday’s game include Frank Lehmann, Chris Sica, and more.

Colonia managed to outweigh Franklin in field goals with a close 17 to 15. As for three point field goals, both teams tied with three of them. Franklin came short in free throws being eight away from Colonia’s 15. Though Franklin had 21 rebounds, six assists, and eight steals where Colonia had none. Colonia may have won, but in the end it is never just about the score. As long as the players had a good time that is all that matters. These players practice really hard day by day to be where they are. Future games will be just as great as this one, so you definitely won’t want to miss them. Colonia will face J.F. Kennedy High School and then major rivals Woodbridge High School to complete the Jubilee. Tournament shirts are sold at each game and profits will be donated to Team LeGrand of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Come out and support the Patriots!