Students receive a new chromebook


Photo Credit: Emily Vogler

Students using their new chromebooks.

By: Angelina Wintonick and Emily Vogler

Recently, Woodbridge Township created a new and efficient solution to one of the most popular problems in the school district; by ensuring that each and every student in every school receives their own Chromebook.  After many years of shared Chromebook carts for the entire school, each student now received their own new computer. These devices are for in-class assignments, and a student has the accessibility to bring them home, as well.

What the Staff thinks of the New Chromebooks

Mr. Panko, Colonia High School’s Vice Principal, believes that these devices are very beneficial in a student’s learning experience. “These new chromebooks are more efficient because students are able to participate in class work and then are able to do more of their homework at night, whereas many students didn’t own a computer at home before. It is also preparing many of these students for college; and the advancement of technology”, Panko answered, when asked his thoughts on the new computers. Mr. Biri, is a teacher at CHS, believes chromebooks are “better for in-class collaboration, and easier when submitting work online”.

Many questions have arose, regarding the subjects of breaking or misplaced devices, battery percentages and designing/decorating. To know the policy for broken or misplaced chromebooks, there is a section specifically in the Student Agreement forms; but a student will be charged $50 for the first offense of a broken chromebook. When questioned about a student’s chromebook battery deterioration throughout the school day, and if there are rules against charging; Mr. Panko commented “that chargers will not be provided; there are not enough outlets in the classroom to allow students to charge their computers in class”. There also should be no stickers on the chromebook, or anything that is able to deface the device.

Panko adds, “Our initial reasoning for purchasing these devices were so every student gets an equal learning experience. The results have been fantastic; students now have an elevated level of instruction”. Overall, many teachers believe that chromebooks are bettering a student’s learning experience, and introduces the advancements in technology going forward in schools.

Student Opinions

Each and every student in Woodbridge Township School District received one of these chromebooks. Underclassmen and some of the juniors all received brand new chromebooks, which they seem to enjoy using a lot. While the seniors got the older ones since their high school career is almost over. Many students believe using the chromebooks eases their schoolwork and taking notes. Junior, Stevie Caroscio, explained that he enjoys the chromebooks because “time goes by way faster during the school day”. He also likes using chromebooks to take notes, instead of “dealing with a tired wrist after written notes”. 

Some teachers give the option to write notes and complete schoolwork on chromebooks, or to continue to use paper and pencil. Other teachers believe that students should use their resources, especially since they’ve been provided to every student at no cost. Junior Emma Moran, is thankful for the fact that she is able to bring the device home to finish homework. Moran shares a home computer with two siblings, so “it is nice to have our own devices”.

There is be a fine for any broken/damaged chromebooks returned at the conclusion of the year, which some students are afraid of. Caroscio says “If my chromebook was damaged I would be upset because it’s money out of my pocket to the school.”