Get Santa on Netflix it’s a movie the whole family will enjoy


Photo Credit: Photo via British Film Institute under Creative Commons License

Seen here is the poster for the British Christmas film Get Santa.

By: Zachary Kaye, Fall Reporter

If you are stuck inside on one of these cold, maybe even snowy days, and you are looking for a good movie to watch, Get Santa is a funny, family-friendly movie that should definitely be one of the top options. This movie is available on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.

Get Santa is a British film that came out in 2014. It tells the audience the story of Steve Anderson, a former criminal and divorced father. The movie mainly shows the patching of Steve’s relationship with his son, Tom. The movie is  about Steve and Tom’s first day together since Steve was released from prison. Instead of being a normal day out, they run into a man who claims to be Santa. He needs the pair’s help to get his sleigh and reindeer back. Steve resists at first, saying he can’t mess around and miss his parole meeting. He also mentions how he just wants to spend a regular day with his son, as he could not stop thinking about him while in prison.

Along with that, Steve did not believe that this man was the real Santa and the cops believe he is a scammer with the name Harry Mitchell. Tom never stops believing while everyone else does and he was the only one who was right. The man actually was Santa and Steve drops everything to go help him escape with his son. There are scenes with the police in a high speed chase with Santa, and even Santa shooting the police with a gun filled with reindeer poop pellets. These scenes show how the movie is not only a drama, but it is humorous and that makes it able to appeal to many people.

One of the main struggles in the movie is Steve’s decision between parole meeting and staying with his son. Tom, who is very young, does not get why the police are mad. All he thinks is that his dad is spending all day with him, and they are having fun. He wants to save Christmas and he makes it very clear that he wants to do it with his dad. When Steve finally chooses to stay and try to save Christmas it gives off a very good message. That is, to live life to the fullest, and more specifically live in the present, and in the moment. Steve stayed with his son and made a memory that he will definitely never forget. His alternative option, which probably is the right decision, would have been boring. It would have just been a normal, disappointing day for an already troubled individual.

Although this movie consists of a lot of good elements, the plot does develop quite slowly in the beginning. When the film first begins, there is not a lot that makes you want to continue watching honestly. This plagues a lot of movies but if you stick with it, the result is very rewarding. This is the only really bad part about this movie, so make sure to prepare for a little bit of a rocky start.

Overall, Get Santa has a little something for everyone, and that makes it so great. Not only will the viewer or viewers learn a lesson and see a special bond be built between Father and son, they will laugh and they will be sad too. There is a quote in the movie, from actor Jim Broadbent who played the role of Santa Claus. It goes, “Sometimes adults aren’t as grown up as you’d hope, but what children teach them, is love.” This is a perfect way to describe the overall theme of this movie. With way more good than bad parts, Get Santa is a great Christmas movie for everyone in the family.