Is a star is born worthy all the hype

Based on the movie popularity, this film box office is 433.9 million.

Photo Credit: Photo via Wikipedia under Creative Commons Licenses

Based on the movie popularity, this film box office is 433.9 million.

By: Megan Anderson, Entertainment Editor

A Star is Born is everywhere on the news lately for winning numerous of awards. This movie is a must watch and is worthy of all the hype.


This film was original released in 1937 starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Since then this movie has been remade three times. Each movie had some minor changes in the plot to keep up with society.

The latest movie is starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Gaga plays Ally and Cooper plays Jackson Maine in this award winning film. This film was released on October 5, 2018.

Ally is a struggling musician and songwriter who performs at a drag bar. One day she meets Maine, a famous singer and guitarists, at the drag bar. The two fall in love and go on tour together. As Ally career skyrockets, Maine career is plummeting. All throughout the movie, the audience sees the couple ups and downs.

This movie is rated R and is not appropriate for children. In addition, this film does deal with many sensitive topics. For example, alcoholism and suicide plays a big role in this film.


This movie is not your average romance movie. In many romantic films there’s usually a happy ending. Typically in a romance movies, the girl and boy fall in love, start having problems, but at the end of the movie they get back together and happy ever after. This is not the case in this movie.

Photo Credit: Photo via under Creative Commons Licenses
Based on the popularity of their duet in the film, their song won a Golden Globe, a Grammy, and other awards.

I really enjoyed this movie because how realistic it was. I liked how both characters had a backstory, so the audience could see where the characters were coming from.

The best part of this movie in my opinion, was Cooper and Gaga acting. They were both so convincing of being a couple who were so in love. They both portrayed the characters so well. Throughout the movie, I forgot that I was watching Gaga, the popstar, and Cooper, the award winning actor.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the sound track. The famous song, The Shallow, is featured in this movie heavily.

Overall, I give this movie 9 out of 10 stars.  This movie is still playing in select theaters. In addition, you can watch this movie on Youtube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, or Google Play for $6. Also this movie can be bought from Direct TV.


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