Septemember 30, Poem

By: Dawayne De Rios, Reporter/Editor

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And as I kissed her lips

I tasted a fresh diviness that lacked the follicles

That has impacted the world.

And for a second I could see a future

That laid bear a ripe and bewildering path

Where I may walk and speak my truth

And it wouldn’t just be an utterance

That spread through the ether like 

A poisonous gas which journey only lay to hurt

A sparkling sense of joy flowed through 

The brittle and dry veins of my body

Replenishing my soul with an indescribable amount

Of glee

Then it stopped as she pulled away

Like the sun had died and the world had stopped

And there we stood stuck in this place of time and space unknown to man

And I stared into the abyss of beauty that were her eyes

In a tempestuous mutter I felt the world’s slowly fall of my lips

“I love this girl”