“Noelle” Review: Disney Plus brings a gift to the Christmas season

By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Disney Plus is a new app that was released in November 2019. This app provides all different types of Disney movies. With this app, came a few new Christmas movies, but Noelle puts watchers into the Christmas spirit.


This new movie, Noelle is based on Anna Kendrick, who plays Santa’s daughter, Noelle Kringle. She lives a perfect life in the North Pole with her family and Nanny elf, Polly. After her father, Santa Claus, dies, her older brother is now put in charge of being Santa Claus. Noelle always knew that she would be a better fit to be Santa, but her father always insisted in her supporting her brother instead of arguing. After realizing how much work really comes with being Santa, Nick Kringle, starts to stress out. Noelle is close behind to give him advice, but it might not be the best she could’ve provided. Noelle mentions that Nick should get-away from all of his stress. So, Nick takes her advice and does just that.

After the North Pole civilians find out about this, they all become furious in Noelle’s action. Wondering, if Christmas will even happen after all. The North Pole court comes to an agreement that Noelle’s cousin, Gabriel Kringle, who cares more about the scientific aspect of Christmas than the joy it provides. When Noelle receives this news, she realizes the only option is to find Nick to bring Christmas back. So, her and Polly the elf take the sleigh down to Arizona to find the runaway Santa.

During her adventure, she meets a private investigator named Jake Hapmann. When they first meet, Jake is cautious of Noelle, because she’s full of Christmas spirit. Something a normal adult doesn’t have much of. However, when Noelle persuades Jake to a certain point, he offers to help her. Throughout the movie, viewers are introduced to a theme of “tradition’s change.” And that they most certainly do.


This movie was one of Disney Plus’ first live-action, original film. Noelle can only be accessed from the Disney Plus streaming app, not to be found in any theaters. It’s hard to tell if Disney made this movie for a cute Christmas themed movie, or so they can make more profits through their new streaming app. The ending of this movie was kind of expected from the beginning, that Anna Kendrick’s character, Noelle would end up being the new Santa Claus. While her brother lives happily doing something he wants to do.

Noelle does provide some cute, cozy moments throughout the film, though. It provides a nice, new Christmas film for the season. Viewers will not be disappointed while watching, even though the plot may be a little expected. Throughout the movie, the acting was one of the best parts. The actors really took upon their roles and portrayed them well. Anna Kendrick was the star of this movie. She played the character of Noelle really well and didn’t make it cheesy at any point. The producers created a Christmas movie that people of all ages will enjoy watching.