Oliver Twist, is a must read

Oliver Twist the book

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Oliver Twist the book

By: Dawayne De Rios

Oliver Twist is one of those classic reads that you read in some point in your life, and it’s one of those books that you have to read.

Basic Info

Charles Dickens expresses concern and draws attention to the disadvantages of those who are poverty stricken in his novel Oliver Twist. The story follows orphan Oliver Twist, whose lowly stature in society and circumstances contradict his innate goodness. Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse and sold into apprenticeship with an undertaker. During this time, Oliver escapes and travels to London, where he meets the “Artful Dodger,” a member of a gang of juvenile pickpockets led by the elderly criminal Fagin.

When the undertaker’s other apprentice, Noah Claypole, makes disparaging comments about Oliver’s mother, Oliver attacks him and incurs the Sowerberrys’ wrath. Desperate, Oliver runs away at dawn and travels toward London.

Outside London, Oliver, starved and exhausted, meets Jack Dawkins, a boy his own age. Jack offers him shelter in the London house of his benefactor, Fagin. It turns out that Fagin is a career criminal who trains orphan boys to pick pockets for him. Oliver is sent on a pickpocketing mission with two other boys a few days after of training. When he sees them swipe a handkerchief from an elderly gentleman, Oliver is horrified and runs off.  Olivers long journey in a city riddled with crime and poverty starts from here.

Oliver the character

Oliver as a character is the catalyst for bad things to happen to him. Stuck in a slew of less than fortunate circumstances, Oliver retains his pure and innocent persona throughout the story. His innate good nature makes him a character that is easily lovable. The crime and poverty surrounding him only highlights his innocence more. Almost a symbol of hope for impoverished people, Oliver is a relatable and emphatic character.


Dickens surprised numerous readers with this novel. This classic piece of literature intertwined with the realistic writing is no short of work of art. Oliver’s story resonates greatly with the intricate ways of society.  Oliver Twist is a great 19th century depiction of the hardships of the impoverished life. Filled with crime and the nastiness of London, Oliver Twist is a must read  for all ages. Dicken’s great narrative and story telling ability makes this novel a great read.  All in all, Oliver Twist gets a four out of five star review and should definitely should be a must grab book.

Dickens made sure to write a classic piece of literature in a short amount of time. While reading this novel, it felt like time flew by while reading. There were so many capturing events that would draw readers into wanting to read more. The mildly sarcastic tone of the characters in this book helps to add to the mood of this story, grim. Oliver Twist gave readers an insight on the lives of criminals; rich, wealthy, or poor. This novel included so many emotions and genres in a serious, yet fun, storyline.