Colonia student ambassadors provide safety tips to elementary school students


Photo Credit: Photo with permission from Ms. Montalvo

The 2020-2021 safety ambassadors in Colonia High School

By: Emily Spillar, Editor

The Safety Ambassador program is a group of around ten 11th/12th grade students that go to different first grade classes and teach them about different safety skills they will need while growingng up.


The Safety Ambassadors go to visit the different first grade classes about four times during the school year. To prepare for these visits, the safety ambassadors have a lot of meetings. During these meetings, they go over their lesson plans, materials they’ll use, and pretty much make sure their presentation is perfect. Preparing for these visits is more work than it seems, though. The members need to make sure they’re presenting their material in a way first grade students will understand. Using different activities, the safety ambassadors try their best to provide this information to the students.

While presenting, the members do different activities to help show these students the information. The members present topics like wheeled sports, pedestrian safety, falls prevention, and car safety. Wheeled sports members teach the students about how to properly ride different wheeled vehicles on the road. Such as: bickycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. Ambassadors teach them how to properly wear a helmet, what to wear while riding at night, etc. Pedestrian safety ambassadors teach the students how to be safe while also being a prestrian. The students learn how to walk properly at night and during the daytime. Falls prevention ambassadors teaches the students how to prevent themselves from falling, and how to be safe. Lastly, car safety ambasssadors teach the students how to be safe in and around cars.

Safety Ambassadors in Colonia

Colonia High School has it’s own group of safety ambassadors. Consisting of ten members, there are four groups to present the four topics listed above. The leader of this club is Ms. Montalvo. Ms. Montalvo has been running this group for about seven years now, and she really enjoys how much it’s grown. When the safety ambassadors first started in Colonia, the school had to search for people to join the club. Now, Ms. Montalvo hosts auditions at the end of each school year to find the group of students that will be in the group for the next year. When asked how she would describe this program, she describes it as a very beneficial experience for all students involved. Being able to engage with a different group of kids each time, she said is very beneficial if they look to be in the medical or education field when they grow up.

The eleventh and twelfth grade students who participate in this program gain a lot of beneficial knowledge, while still being able to have fun. At the end of each year, the ambassadors go to a luncheon to present their topics that they’ve taught throughout the year.