How student athletes are handling life without their sport


Photo Credit: photo via flickr under the creative commons license

An unfamiliar sight has taken hold in dugouts and gyms this spring, emptiness

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a huge effect on the world. Canceling events have become a common theme. One of the many victims of these cancellations is Spring sports.


The outbreak has hit baseball hard. As detailed in my article previewing Colonia’s baseball season, many of the players were excited about this season. Once school starts the baseball season should resume shortly after. One major problem though is that they have lost a lot of valuable practice time. Team practices allow for players to get into shape, team bonding and of course just improving your skills.

Junior baseball player Jimmy Hopke was interviewed about the corona absence. When asked, “How has life without baseball been for you?” Hopke responded with “It’s been rough because I worked all off-season for this season and now that we don’t have it, it’s been very boring.” Hopke and the rest of the team put in work for this upcoming season. Losing part of the season must be rough for him. When asked “Have you been able to stay in baseball shape?” Hopke says, “Yeah I’d say so, I haven’t been working out like I was in the off-season but I am staying active getting blood-flowing.” It’s hard to stay in shape in times like this but Hopke is doing everything in his power to stay in shape.

Boys’ Volleyball

Another major sport affected by Coronavirus is boys volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of chemistry between teammates. Everyone has to be on the same page. Without the proper amount of practice, this will be hard to accomplish. The product on the court may not be the best it could be due to this. The boy’s volleyball team went 22-8 last year, these are a talented group of guys. I think they will be able to work through this inconvenience but it won’t be easy.

Junior boys volleyball player Steven Miller was interviewed about how Corona affects the season. Miller was asked, “Volleyball is a sport that requires everyone to be on the same page, without the normal amount of practices will that be possible?” Miller responded with “Yes it will be possible because we are all athletic enough to overcome the dilemma and the first day back at practice will be a little sloppy but from there on out we will be back on track.” Miller is confident in the team’s ability to work through this situation. When asked, “How has the team as a whole taking this absence?” Miller says, “The team is taking it fine, we are pushing each other just to stay in shape so the first day we go back it would be easiest as possible.”

I wish the baseball and boys volleyball team good luck this season. It won’t be easy to work through this curve-ball but I believe they can do it. They just have to do everything in their power to stay in shape. I think they will do great things and represent our school well.