Decision Day moves online for high school seniors


Photo Credit: Photo via Angelina Wintonick

Here is an example of some collages, that will be posted on the Colonia Seniors 2020 Instagram, on Decision Day.

By: Angelina Wintonick, Co-Editor in Chief

With quarantine continuing on and New Jersey still being in a state of lockdown, schools remain closed. New Jersey’s Governor Murphy says that he will consider any further action on May 15th. May 1st is a big day for seniors every year, as it is National Decision Day. This year, students will not be able to experience decision day the way they have in the past due to the Coronavirus keeping students learning from home. So, the Colonia High School Student Council is trying to find ways to make up for this event.

Decision Day

May 1st is National Decision Day for high school seniors as it is every year. This day represents the deadline for high school students to choose a college to continue their education. 

Many students also use this day to express that they will be enlisting in the army or obtaining a job straight out of high school. Seniors get to celebrate all the hard work they put in for the four years no matter what the situation or what the decision is,. Students get to wear apparel representing the college, army branch, or job that they are continuing onto. It is a day of celebration with pictures, and congratulations.

For the class of 2020 seniors, this is another cancelled event due to the Coronavirus. A day that is so special should still happen, even though students reside at home. Colonia High School’s student council and senior class officers are trying to come up with ways to help these seniors.

Virtual Recognition

Samarth Parekh, a 2020 senior and Student Council public relations, decided to still hold decision day – just virtually. After discussing, the seniors decided to create a chance for students to still show off their plans after high school.

“Seniors have already had so much taken away from them due to Covid-19. One of the best Senior Year activities that we are missing out on is Decision Day. Decision Day is when all Seniors come dressed to school in their future college’s apparel or other clothing that symbolizes their future (military uniform, etc.),” Parekh explained.

A google form is out, and seniors are able to provide their college and major, branch of army or job plans, and a picture of them, wearing apparel. Since May 1st will still have “distance learning” from home, the officers are going to make collages to post on the 2020 CHS Senior Instagram.

“When I came across Seniors from J.P. Stevens High School reposting posts from the “JPSeniors” page I saw that they were virtually showing off their college decisions. I liked the idea and as a Senior Class Officer I knew that I would be able to implement the decision posts for Colonia’s Seniors. After texting the student council group chat everyone was very excited by my proposal and before I knew it they all did their part and made it happen,” Samarth Parekh says. Parekh will be attending Pennsylvania State University, and majoring in business.

These collages will show their classmates, teachers, and family where each student will be attending, and what their plans for their futures are. Covid-19 shouldn’t ruin every good thing for the class of 2020. It is a great alternative to the traditional decision day in school.

Congratulating Seniors

“A lot of seniors, including myself, are very excited to be getting into our dream schools. We are upset that we can’t represent our college apparel in school on decision day though. So we came up with the idea to post the students on social media to be recognized for their accomplishments. It’s a great way to see where our classmates are going after high school,” Emily Rodas, senior class officer says. Rodas is going to the University of Delaware to study Chemical Engineering.

“It is definitely not the same as being in school for decision day, but it is great way to celebrate our class,” Rodas said.

Make sure to check out the Colonia High School Seniors 2020 Instagram to see what the seniors are doing after high school!

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