How the Coronavirus has impacted the SAT

The future of the SAT as a college requirement is now in question due to the Coronavirus.

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The future of the SAT as a college requirement is now in question due to the Coronavirus.

By: Jack Reilly, Reporter

The Coronavirus has impacted the world in many ways. One example of this is the SAT. The SAT is a standardized test that was created in 1926, and is used for college admission in America. The College Board is the organization responsible for distributing the SAT. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple 2020 SAT tests dates have been cancelled.

What Does This Mean?

In the event that schools do not reopen in Fall of 2020, The College Board will give students an online SAT to compensate. However, the true future of the SAT is unknown. Many colleges believe that the SAT should no longer be used for admissions. These colleges believe that the SAT’s are overwhelming, and often do not accurately represent the capabilities of students. I covered this topic in an article I previously wrote titled Does the modern school system have too much standardized testing?. In this article I showcased different opinions on why many believe the SAT’s should no longer be taken, however due to the coronavirus that may be a reality in the near future.

Many colleges have already expressed a disliking of the SAT and many argue that it should be discontinued. Because some of the 2020 SAT testing dates were cancelled due to the Coronavirus, Colleges will now be able to see what the pros and cons of discontinuing the test would be. By the end of 2020, it is possible that many colleges will change their admission requirements and the SAT will be optional. Some already have, for example The University of California, which has already stated that they are changing their admission requirements and that students no longer need to take the SAT in order to apply. Almost 2,000 colleges have gone test optional, and I predict that because of the coronavirus many more will join that list.

Should The SAT Be Optional?

I believe that the SAT should be optional. One reason why I believe this is because the test has many downsides. The SAT causes overwhelming levels of stress for the students who have to take them. Also, if one student scores very low on the SAT, it may just be because they are a bad test-taker. Finally, many days in the school year are sacrificed in order to prepare for the SAT. If the SAT was optional, students and teachers would not be as stressed to prepare for it. Students who are willing to study for the test on their own time can take it to separate themselves from the rest.


The Coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation of multiple SAT testing dates. Because of this, colleges have a opportunity to see how cancelling the SAT would affect the admission process and may go test optional. The coronavirus has impacted the future of the SAT.

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