Among Us has people across the world addicted


Photo Credit: Photo via The Declaration Staff under creative common license

Appearing on the the top charts for games on the app store, in first place is Among Us.

By: Christia Assa, Managing Editor

Across the globe both gamers and non-gamers have been raging over a new game, Among Us, which has people addicted. 

What is among us?

June 15, 2018 was the release date for the multiplayer game, Among Us. The developer and publisher is InnerSloth. Although it was already out for 2 years, it only recently gained popularity. You are able to buy Among Us on stream for $5 or you can get it for free on BlueStacks on the computer. For mobile users, it is free of cost. 

How to play among us

Among us is a multiplayer game where you are able to play with your friends and/or strangers from across the world. The theme of the game is space. You are put into a spaceship with up to 9 other people. You are given one of 2 roles, crewmate or impostor, which no one knows other than you with the exception of other imposters.


Depending on the settings of the game, there can be up to 3 imposters. Imposters have the ability to see who the other imposters are. They pose as crewmates, but they have different goals in the game. In order to win as an imposter is to be one of the last ones to not get caught.

As an imposter, you are able to kill, sabotage, and go through vents. Imposters are able to kill or sabotage crewmates, which causes difficulties to the crewmates. Crewmates either have to wait out the sabotage or fix it again. For example, imposters can close the doors which causes crewmates to be stuck in certain places. Crewmates have to wait a few seconds for the doors to open again. Another example is that imposters can sabotage the lights. Crewmates would then have to go to the electrical room to fix them. Another ability imposters possess is venting. Venting allows imposters to go from one room to another through vents. This allows the imposter to get away from a room or a dead body quickly. 


As a crewmate, you are assigned to tasks that are laid out throughout the spaceship. In order to win, you and the other crewmates must finish all the tasks or find out who the impostors.

You are able to chat with other players, report dead bodies, call meetings, and vote on who impostors may be. During a meeting, you can discuss in the chat about possible impostors. At the end of the time, players have the option to vote on who they think the impostor is or skip the vote. The one with the most votes is ejected and it is revealed whether they were the impostor or not.

When crewmates are killed by the imposter or ejected they are still able to play the game but as ghosts. Players who are alive can not see them, but ghosts can see other ghosts players. Ghosts still have to finish their tasks if they have not done so already. 

Players Point-of-View

Ashley Massano, an avid player of Among Us, believes it’s a unique and great game to play with friends.

When talking about how it compares to other games she expresses “Among Us sticks out in particular to other games because you not only play with real people in real-time, but you can customize your character, name, and game settings. There’s an adrenaline rush I get when playing that I haven’t experienced with many other games.”