Finding a balance: school, sports & service

Sarah Soos plays three different sports, does volunteer work, and manages to do her school work, yet she still has free time. Find out how she does it.

Sarah Soos at her eighth grade dance.

Photo Credit: Photo by Sarah Soos used with permission

Sarah Soos at her eighth grade dance.

Daughter of a cop and an accounting clerk, Sarah Soos does a ton. Between Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, and all the volunteer work she does it’s hard to believe that she has time to breathe.


Sarah (10) and her former basketball team competes in the Mayors Trophy basketball game.
Photo Credit: Photo by Samantha Ashton used with permission
Sarah (10) and her former basketball team competes in the Mayors Trophy basketball game.

Soos has been doing sports since she was just three years old and has not stopped yet. She has been doing volleyball

for two years now and is on a recreation team. She has also been doing basketball for nine years and is on a travel team and on the Colonia High school basketball team. Lastly, Soos plays Softball, her most recognized sport. She has been playing for eleven whole years now and still enjoys it just the same as she did before. She is on a recreation team, she does fall ball, is on the Renegades team, and she wants to join the Colonia High school softball team.

She says that softball is her most skilled sport and she is the best at it, because she trains the most for it out of all the sports she plays. Volleyball is not considered her best sport because she does it mostly for fun. Basketball is in the middle for her skill level rank because she’s “not as good at it like softball, but not as bad at it like volleyball.”

Sarah Soos has some fans that watch her from the sidelines at her games. Some which include her friends, teachers, and parents. “It’s exciting to see the interaction with her team- I’m not much into winning or losing though,” said Sandy Soos, Sarah’s mom who watches her daughter’s games.

Volunteer work

Soos doesn’t just stop there though. Not only does she play five million sports plus juggling around with school and homework, but she also does volunteer work. She volunteers at the soup kitchen, the Woodbridge Animal Shelter, the Special Olympics, buddy ball, and the Patriots club at Colonia Middle school. If that wasn’t enough she also still wants to join interact club and student council at Colonia High school.

“Sarah’s a really good person, and it’s pretty spectacular that she does all these things,” said Samantha Ashton, a freshman student and one of Sarah’s Softball teammates and friends.

How she got started

There are a lot of things that got Soos interested in these different activities. She started volleyball because she heard a friend talking about it and thought she should try it. She got interested in basketball when she watched her dad coaching her brother’s team. Softball is a different story though. She basically grew up around it. Her father and her brother played baseball so she was already familiar with it. Her family also had sort of a tradition that on Sunday they would have dinner and then would watch the Yankees game. So it’s not doubt that she would be interested in softball or baseball considering it was already like part of the family.

“I was shy when I was Sarah’s age and didn’t have as much confidence as she does so I definitely ‘encouraged’ her, but her dad had a tremendous influence,” Sandy Soos said.

Sarah Soos with her Renegades softball team
Photo Credit: Photo by Samantha Ashton used with permission
Sarah Soos with her Renegades softball team

Managing time

If someone ever met Sarah they wouldn’t believe that she could actually do all the things that she does with any free time at all. She normally has three days a week of free time and definitely occupies the time she gets. Soos will either hang out with friends, read a book, or will go running. Timing everything seems difficult when you have a schedule like Sarah’s, but sometimes it’s not.

“It all kind of just works out. I do my homework when I get home from school so I have time for practice and everything,” Soos said.

She goes to softball practices on Thursdays and Fridays and has games Sundays and sometimes Saturdays; she has basketball workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; she has volleyball games on Saturdays; she has buddy ball on Saturdays from 10:30- 11:30; and she goes to youth group on Sundays. In youth group she starts out by playing a game. Then everyone gets together, reads a passage, and disperses into smaller groups to discuss and share their opinions. Lastly they get into a large group once more and end with a closing prayer. On top of all that she also goes to school and has to deal with her school work too.

“Sometimes timing everything she does takes some organizing, but it always seems to work out,” Sandy Soos, the one who sometimes transports Sarah from place to place said, “Sometimes I have to change my plans, but I don’t mind- I consider it part of my ‘mom’ job.”


It’s safe to say that Soos does get stressed and honestly, she has the right. Who wouldn’t get stressed out if they did at least three things a day back to back, especially at a young age?

“I hang out with friends when I get the chance, to get back to the real world,” Soos said she does when she does get stressed.

She has stated that yes she does sometimes get tired of doing everything.

“Yes, absolutely, because I mean I’m a person and sometimes I need to act like a person and with all the sports I don’t feel like I can be a normal teenager and hang out with friends,” Soos said.

This is true for almost every person who does multiple activities. Sarah is a good example of someone who does a lot, but still gives back to the community and can still manage their personal life as well.