Bluetooth projectors: The future of home entertainment


Photo Credit: Photo credit via Trusted Reviews under Creative Commons License

Bluetooth projectors are the future for home entertainment. Compact designs, low prices, and easy set up allow for consumers to experience movie-theater-like entertainment from the comfort of their own home.

By: Katherine Albuquerque, Editor

To say going to the movies for the past year was a challenge is an understatement. Consumers had to find a replacement for the giant screens in movie theaters. What was the alternative? Projectors! 

The technological trend of 2021 was projectors. It may seem as though technology from the past is making a comeback, but these projectors have advanced Bluetooth technology that allows them to connect to smartphones! 

Why get a projector?

Across the country, teenagers and young adults have been seen getting Bluetooth projectors for their homes. While they may seem unconventional, there are some pretty practical reasons as to why this is a trend.

Price and Video options 

Since Bluetooth projectors can connect to any smartphone, anything can be displayed- Youtube videos, Netflix- even Tik Tok videos.  While modern TVs have the option to screencast and log into several streaming services, these TVs are usually very expensive. The average cost of flat-screen TVs ranges from $400 to $1,800. Most average projectors are between $50 to $250. This allows Bluetooth projectors to become a perfect replacement for TVs since they’re much cheaper. 

Consumers can watch whatever they want, from whatever app they want, while saving money at the same time. Most Bluetooth devices also have several ports that allow for PCs, game consoles, DVD players, and speakers to connect to, making a variety of options available. 

Set-Up Process

When getting a TV, there are several other things needed that someone must get in order to properly set it up. They need to make sure they have a cable box, several outlets available, a cable plan, etc. They also need to make sure they have a large enough space for the TV since it’s likely going to stick out a couple of inches from the wall.

However, Bluetooth projectors have a much easier setup process. Most Bluetooth projectors only require a Wifi connection. These projectors are also typically wireless – the projector itself doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere to work. A projector can be set up and put anywhere, as long as it’s on a straight, steady surface. This is perfect for those who are living in apartments or rentals where they can’t make any holes in the wall. 

The multiple ports on these projectors allow for the connection of other devices to simply be a one cord connection. Many Bluetooth projectors even come with a USB cable to hook up several devices. 

All that is truly required to use the projector is an open wall. Most projectors come with a screen, however, as long as there is a plain wall with a fairly light/neutral paint color, the projector will be able to display just fine.


All these benefits obviously justify why so many teenagers and young adults are buying Bluetooth projectors instead of TVs. They’re cheaper, easier to use, easier to set up, compatible with several devices, portable, and take up much less space. It’s a perfect gift for teens who wish to watch their shows and movies on a large surface, and for young adults who want a TV, but can’t spend lots of money on one. 

The following are only a few of the many Bluetooth projectors:

The TMY Wifi Projector 

Native 1080p Wifi Bluetooth Projector, VISOUND

Native 1080p Wifi Bluetooth Projector, DBPOWER