Activities to make your summer eventful


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There are many activities to do in the summer.

By: Alexandra Powanda, Fall Editor and Reporter

Summer is almost here and school is coming to an end. Many people are looking forward to summer activities and overall having a great summer of 2015. If you are looking for fun activities or place to visit during the summer here are some suggestions to make this your best summer ever.

1. Beach – Going to the beach is a common activity but it is still always an exciting time. Grab some friends or family members, maybe even a pet and travel to a nearby beach. While at the beach you can swim in the ocean, relax on the beach, watch the sunset, or collect seashells. If you don’t exactly enjoy the sand you can walk down the boardwalk and enjoy the sites, shops, and rides. A day at the beach can offer many activities and a great day.

2. Camping – If you really enjoy the outdoors you can go on a hike or go camping. This is a perfect time to admire the nature and enjoy your nights outside staring at the stars in the night sky. When the sun goes down you can start a campfire and roast some marshmallows. Bring friends and family along and  maybe even tell some stories, this can make many unforgettable memories.

3. Road Trip – One of the more adventurous activities can be taking a road trip. Get a group of people, make a list of places you would love to visit and a playlist of your favorite summer songs to play while traveling. This can be a time for bonding and doing things that you have always wanted to, and visit places you have never heard of before.

4. Attend a Concert – The next activity is for those looking for a summer with music. During the summer there are many concerts and music festivals happening for any genre of music. Research what bands and artists are playing nearby, maybe faraway, and plan what concerts you may want to attend. Find someone to go with and be prepared for a day of fun. Going to music events can bring a lot of joy, and you will be wishing to go back right after you leave.

5. Day Trips – The final activities are quick ones that will last a day, but plan a full summer of these activities and your summer will be just as fun. You can play miniature golf, go to a fair, visit an arcade, or have a picnic at the park. Activities to do at home can be stargazing, swim, have a barbecue, eat summer foods, catch fireflies at night, and most importantly spend time with those you care about and love.

Try some of these activities and make sure to have a safe and fun summer.