Colonia Varsity Softball Defeats Woodbridge 9-5


Photo Credit: Reno

Colonia and Woodbridge coming together for Autism Awareness

Colonia varsity softball defeats their rivals, Woodbridge, 9-5, on Saturday, April 14th at 11 in the morning at Woodbridge High School. This game was played for Autism Awareness.

The starters for this game were seniors Gaby Perez (captain and left fielder), Hannah Doyle (captain and the catcher), Juli Wright (second base), Cat Mantagas (center field). The sophomores were Jess Donovan (right field), and Yami Moreta (first base). The freshmen were Caitlyn Hroncich (third base), Sabrina Tiseo (pitcher), and Alyssa Gregor (short stop).

The substitutes for the Patriots during this game against Woodbridge were Patricia Daneke (senior, pitcher), Kaitlyn Kelly (sophomore, pitcher), Sarah Soos (sophomore), Alivia Taveras-Nemes (freshman), and Taylor Godfrey (senior, pitcher) as she started pitching in the fifth inning.

Woodbridge Baron’s line up were Brooke Timinski (sophomore, short-stop), Carly Kjersgaard (senior, first base), Mackenzie Thomas (junior), Kendra Tobias (senior, second base), Jordan Cinelli (sophomore, pitcher), Ashley Dugasz (sophomore, left field), Taylor Greco (junior, right field), Samantha Carroll (junior, center fielder) and Justine Stefura (senior, third base).

photo 1
Colonia rallying it up between innings

Photo Credit: Reno Ronquillo with permission

The game started off quick, Colonia having two runs just in the first inning. Between the second and third inning, Colonia didn’t score but Woodbridge scored two runs in. As the Barons and the Patriots were tied in the third inning and had one out, a huge play was made by Colonia in the field as Gregor fielded a grounder, got an out at second, and second baseman, Wright threw the ball to Yami at first base, performing a double play. The third inning ended after that double play.

The fourth inning, Colonia drove in four runs and Woodbridge scored two. In the fifth inning, neither Colonia nor Woodbridge scored. While Colonia was in the field, the girls made two impressive outs. One close play made by Gregor as she bobbled the ball, she threw it to first base and got the girl out. The other excellent out was played by Hroncich at third base as she dove forward and caught the pop up.

Then in the sixth inning, Colonia scored another three runs, making the score 9-4, Colonia winning. In the seventh inning, Woodbridge got a run and the ended as 9-5, Colonia winning.

There were many hits today, some being from the Barons, such as Kjersgaard hitting a double, Tobias having two runs, and Stefura hitting a triple and the Patriots such as Donovan, Mantagas, Gregor, and Hroncich all hitting doubles.

This game against Woodbridge had many great expectations, as the rivals always have close games. Colonia worked as a team and had much support as the fans got loud and excited throughout this impressive game.

Colonia’s record now stands at 3-3, playing against Perth Amboy next game, while Woodbridge’s record is now at 2-4, versing Monroe next game.