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Cupid Day interviews

Megan Anderson, Jillian Pero, and Julian Cardona

By: Megan Anderson, Jillian Pero, and Julian Cardona

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About the Contributors
Megan Anderson, Editor

Megan Anderson is an 16 year old junior at Colonia High School. Anderson swims for her high school team (CHS), for her club team (Devilfish) and for her summer team (PCC). Also, she is an homeroom representative for her homeroom. Furthermore, Anderson has a younger brother, Billy, who is in in ninth grade. Anderson also has two pets that her family rescued: one is a ten year old cat name Bullseye that she has had since she was six years old and the other is a dog name Willie who is five years old that her family rescued two years ago. During her free time, she volunteers as a Special Olympic coach for swimming. Next, during her free time, she listens to music to relax. Her favorite genre of music is pop, country, R&B or rap. Lastly, she loves to watch reality TV and Netflix shows. Her favorite shows include, Big Brother, The Bachelor, Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, and many more.


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Jillian Pero, spring reporter

Jillian Pero has 3 older brothers named Jake Sam and Luke. Pero has one dog, named Buzz, who is very old and sick, his name is Buzz. She is on the competition varsity cheer team. She is a base and a tumbler which means she hold girls in a stunt and she flip around the mat. Pero is a sophomore at Colonia High School and she is 15 years old. She passed my drivers ed test with a 94. She has been cheerleading since she was 5 years old. Her oldest brother Jake graduated from Syracuse University with a math major and now he works with her dad at AmeriHealth New Jersey. Her second oldest brother Sam is a junior at NC State. The youngest boy is 18 and he will be going to West Virginia In the summer.  Pero hopes to go to Clemson University and get a nursing degree. She would like to help deliver babies in the hospital as a profession when she gets older.

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Julian Cardona, Spring Reporter

Julian Cardona is a 15 year old sophmore at Colonia High School. He is on the varsity soccer team for Colonia. He also plays club soccer and he plays for Valencia. He has 4 siblings, Raul, Joshua, Gabriella, And Kayla. He is a very big sports fan. He mainly watches soccer, football, and basketball.

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Cupid Day interviews