2019 fashion trends take it back to the 90’s


Photo Credit: Photo via Picjumbo under Creative Commons License

Looking back on 2019, think about what were the top items you purchased. Some trends made its mark on the year, and some should simply stay in 2019.

By: Jackie Poznanski, Editor

The top fashion trends of 2019 showcased throwbacks in the best way. The return of tiny accessories, bike shorts, and baggy jeans gave us a return to the 1990s. Therefore, here are the top 10 trends of the year that are good and bad.

Bike shorts

Bike shorts were a major style in the ’90s yet, it has become one of the biggest fashion trends of 2019. In addition, people often style bike shorts with blazers, cropped sweatshirts, and sneakers. From casual and sporty looks to more dressed-up looks; it is undeniable that bike shorts were not only adorable but a huge moneymaker. I think bike shorts can be a perfect way to be stylish at the gym or on a typical day. However, in my opinion, I think wearing them in a more formal setting can be too daring.

Tiny accessories

The tiny glasses trend has also made a huge comeback from the ’90s. Many social media stars and fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Rihanna wore these throughout 2019. This trend is also also known as the matrix style which can make or break an outfit. Other small accessories such as backpacks, fanny-packs, and mini purses have been popular in 2019. Even though, people can’t carry more than your phone and credit card. I think they can make an outfit more interesting and trendy.

Baggy Jeans

The baggy jean trend has emerged over the past year and continues over into 2020. Baggy Jeans became popular along with baggy bondage pants during the nu-metal era which lasted from the late ’90s to the early 2000s. However, skinny jeans quickly outshined baggy jeans in the 2000s until 2019. People started to crave having more room throughout the hips, butt, and legs, but still fit the waist like normal jeans. I really like this trend and I hope it sticks around for 2020.


Scrunchies have made a major return in 2019. From celebrities like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande to little children; everyone began to rock scrunchies. Soon this accessory was sold in every department store and clothing store. They were sold in every color and almost every material, which made society want to buy more and wear them. I think this trend is super cute and made outfits come together better.

Sherpa Jacket

Another popular trend during the fall and winter of 2019 was the sherpa jacket. A sherpa jacket is made of either cotton, polyester, or acrylic. Many people started to style these puffy jackets in their everyday outfit and received great feedback. The jacket got so much praise clothing stores produced sweatshirts with the same fabric. I think this trend is super adorable and comfortable. I never feel uncomfortable in a sherpa and I’m most definitely never cold.

2020 Predictions

After reviewing the 2019 trends and reading many stylist’s 2020 fashion predictions. I feel there will be many new trends coming up in the new year but also some that build off 2019 fashion. For example, neon colors and prints such as stripes and polka dots may make a return. These were also trending in previous years just like the fads of 2019. In conclusion, I feel more daring style options are coming into 2020 and will change many peoples’ everyday attire.