iPhone 12 released just before the holidays


Photo Credit: photovia: Pxabay

Apple released the iPhone 12 along with other forms of it on October 23, 2020. Apple sold up to 2 million iPhone 12’s within the first 24 hours of preorders.

By: Haley O'Neill, Reporter

With technology constantly advancing and time-evolving, it allows many opportunities for people to create new inventions. Apple, an American technology company, released a new iPhone.  But how is it different from other phones?

Apple’s History

The American technology company, Apple is known for developing newer advances in technologies and electronics, from iPads (a form of a tablet) to Macbooks (a form of a computer). Apple creates many versions of these products to not only entertain people but also for  convenience. This company has been in business since 1976 and has been booming ever since. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs along with co-founder, Steve Wozniack created the first-ever Apple Computer, Apple 1 Computer. Ever since then, Apple has released newer products in September/October of every year. Apple supposedly does this due to the everyone returning to school.

Thoughts on the Newest iPhone

The iPhone 12, a newer phone released from Apple on October 23, 2020, leaves many people in awe. From newer supposed features to up to three cameras, the new iPhone gives buyers more opportunities to enhance their knowledge. It also gives buyers a chance to improve the way they learn or see things. 

A Colonia High School student, Xavier Lavoura shares his honest opinion on the new iPhone. “Prior to the iPhone 12, I had the iPhone XR. With that, I would say that the iPhone 12 definitely has better camera quality along with better features. While the layout is still the same, the newer iPhone is faster and just overall better.”

Another student from Colonia High School, Matthew Salcedo, has also recently bought the newest iPhone. His purchase was approximately in the middle of December and he  shares his honest opinion on the phone. “I honestly love it.  I originally had the iPhone 6s Plus and I have to say it is much different than the iPhone I have now. With better camera quality, better battery life, and an overall faster speed, I am very thrilled with Apple, and its newest invention.”


Overall, the iPhone 12 is supposedly better. The iPhone 12 comes in four different options and sizes. First, there is the iPhone 12 mini, next is the regular iPhone 12, following by the iPhone 12 pro, and ending with the iPhone 12 pro max. With many colors to choose from, such as pacific blue or blue, black, gold, and many more. Many of its buyers are satisfied with their purchase and will continue to use it.