Angel numbers: what do they mean?


Photo Credit: Photo via Dylan DaCunha

Pictured are the different angel number sequences. These are a form of numerology.

By: Dylan DaCunha, Editor-in-Chief

Ever seen a sequence of numbers frequently and thought “that’s odd?” For example, checking the time and it’s 3:33 p.m., then later going for gas and the price is exactly $3.33. Many believe this to be a coincidence, but there’s actually a bigger culprit: angel numbers.

What are angel numbers?

According to USA Today, angel numbers are “repeating number sequences, often used as a guide for deeper spiritual exploration.” These number sequences can range from 000 to 999 and each has a different energy and meaning. The concept of angel numbers originates from the ancient esoteric science of numerology. Numerology deals with numbers and letters, and the meanings and vibrations behind them. It’s a system where certain numbers and letters have a mystical or symbolic meaning. Other esoteric sciences such as astrology and the spiritual field of palm reading are based on numerology.

Angel numbers aren’t specifically designated to someone; it’s simply a sequence of numbers that is most commonly seen throughout daily activities. A receipt from the grocery store could read $22.22, and later a friend’s phone number may contain 222. Then the realization that a relative’s address number is 222. The consistent sighting of a number such as 222 is often taken as a sign of confirmation and direction in life.

Angel number meanings

Each number sequence has a different meaning, and the idea is that whatever sequence is most commonly seen is what the beholder needs to hear most.


The first of the angel number sequences is 000. This number is associated with new opportunities and a fresh start. It signifies the beginning of a new cycle. Don’t be afraid to take risks and be bold at this point in life.


The second angel number sequence is 111. The numeral is a powerful manifestation device. Manifesting is similar to wishing, in the sense that one is wanting something to happen. Be sure to make a wish or set an intention when seeing this number, as it is a “green light” from the universe ensuring a wish will come true.


The numeral 2 signifies balance and alignment. Seeing 222 means that the viewer is in the right place at the right time in their life, and exactly where they are supposed to be. Constantly seeing this sequence could mean that someone in the physical or spiritual world is offering guidance to help one get to where they need to be.


Any series of repeating threes signifies upcoming luck. This luck may be in a career or just overall success. This sequence also represents the mind, body, and soul as all three need to be in harmony in order for one to be a successful individual.


The sequence 444 represents change and healing. One who sees this number may be recovering from a sort of trauma, and seeing the angel number ensures that healing and change will begin. Fours can show that there is an opportunity for transformation and growth from the past.


555 also signifies change, but also freedom and adventure. It is thought that the angels are trying to communicate to embrace any upcoming changes, but not to force them. If one has been feeling stuck then 555 could be signaling that a shift in gears will be happening soon.


A lot of people associate this sequence with the devil or demonic figures. However, the meaning of 666 is the exact opposite. This number has a supportive and compassionate nature. If one is not on the desired path in life, seeing 666 is a reminder to treat oneself with kindness and understanding in order to get back on track.


This sequence is often associated with slot machines and luck because of casinos. 777 actually does signify luck in terms of angel numbers. Seeing this number means good fortune and monetary opportunities are on the horizon.


888 is one of the most divine angel numbers. It represents a deep connection to the spiritual universe. When seen, it could mean that loved ones in the afterlife are offering support. The numeral is essentially a symbol for infinity, which surpasses any singular lifetime. It connects the physical and spiritual worlds.


The last angel number sequence is 999. Its presence represents the closing of a chapter in one’s life. However, the opening of a new one will soon be on the horizon so don’t be afraid to try something new.


Senior Kaden Gontijo explained, “I’ve been seeing the numbers 444 for the past two years. I see them in likes on Instagram and clocks mostly. I also believe it represents change and healing so I have it tattooed on me to remind myself that I am always healing and changing.”

“I’m really superstitious and feel the universe has something to say to you. That’s why I believe in angel numbers,” noted Senior Rachelle Saerang.