Don’t ‘Dodge’ the Durango

Dodge Durango all clean and ready for its next adventure.

Photo Credit: James Lugardo

Dodge Durango all clean and ready for its next adventure.

By: James Lugardo , Fall Reporter

Have you ever wanted to be respected while driving a SUV that comfortably fits six people? Well, the Dodge Durango R/T is truly something special for you. From the luxurious redesigned leather seats to the blood pumping 5.7L Hemi power V8 engine. The Durango remains big and masculine in a time where soft curves and round edges seem to be right. Powertrains include a 3.6-liter V-6 or a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8(R/T), both offer rear or all-wheel-drive. Chrysler’s eight-speed automatic is standard and R/T models use cylinder deactivation to boost fuel economy. The Hemi model delivers excellent torque, especially handy for towing.

Now let’s talk about the price, the Durango R/T starts at $40,290 now that is just a little over average for a 6-7 seater SUV. The competitors for the Durango are as follows, Ford Explorer, GMC Acadia, and Honda Pilot. The power train information is as follows Displacement: 345 cubic inches, 5654 cc Power: 360 hp @ 5150 rpm Torque: 390 lb-ft @ 4250 rpm. Making it an absolute monster on the road striking fear wherever you put the pedal to the metal. The zero to sixty time was recorded at 6.4 seconds for crying out loud.

A black Dodge Durango R/T cleaned and ready to be sold at a dealership.

After driving the Durango R/T multiple times there is just something about driving this car that puts a smile on your face. There are most definitely more good than bad to this vehicle. Frank Marrero (Durango R/T Owner) was asked what his favorite thing about the Durango was and he said, “ The horsepower and the ability it has to get up and go.”

James Lugardo (Honda Pilot Owner) was asked if would trade in his Honda for a Durango and he said, “I would definitely trade my car for the Durango I just love the style and how powerful it is.”