We Get Jealous Way Too Easily


By: Theodore Coursen, Spring Editor

If you are ever jealous of your partner, it may just be a sign that you care deeply about them. However, jealousy can be dangerous. It is important to manage these feelings correctly if they appear.

According to a study done by Fox News, 70% of women and 72% of men have admitted that they have cheated on their partner at some point during their relationship. The rise of “dating apps” have made it so easy for anyone to find a lover on the side. It is a sad reality, monogamy is starting to become uncommon in our society. With statistics like that, one can understand why someone might get suspicious or jealous. 

But to me, jealousy is usually blown out of proportion. Most of the time, we over analyze a situation and believe that promiscuity is taking place. A friendly smile can register in our brain as something completely different.  Jealousy is a natural reaction to witnessing something that makes you feel insecure. Seeing a significant other talking to another guy or girl, for example, can make anyone think negatively. At times, jealousy is warranted. Sometimes is people have previously been in unfaithful relationships, those scars resurface while in a new relationship simply as a defense mechanism to not get hurt again. This too is not fair to your partner.

Communication is the only solution when jealousy strikes. Romantic partners need to establish what exactly their relationship is about and where they foresee it going in the future. Reassurance and honesty are also key factors. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are concerned about the girl he or she is texting, tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you feel uneasy when she is around that other guy or girl. If your partner loves you, they will understand your feelings.

These statistics offer us insight into the dynamics of relationships in the modern world. Many people nowadays do not value monogamy as much as they did in the past. However, men and women alike are possessive by nature. When it comes to relationships, most people do not want to share the guy or girl that they claim as theirs with someone else.

Being jealous when it comes to romance is a terrible feeling all of us have or will encounter at some point in our lives. It is important to think logically and handle the situation correctly. Just remember to communicate with your partner. Loyalty is hard to find today, but that does not mean it is nonexistent.  


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