Strange Snacks Here to Stay?

Original flavors of pop tarts on shelves in ShopRite.

Original flavors of pop tarts on shelves in ShopRite.

By: Theodore Coursen, Spring Editor

Big businesses are always looking for new and innovative products to sell to consumers. Whether it be the fashion industry, movies or household appliances major competitors are always looking for ways to set apart their product from the leading brands who produce similar things as them. However, some unique new snacks that have been coming out lately may be taking this marketing strategy a little too far. Kellogg’s has announced that they will be releasing a soda-flavored Pop-Tart later this month. Food mashups sometimes work out, such as the Pizza Bagel which has become a classic favorite sold in grocery stores everywhere. However, are these companies really making any money off of these new snacks? And are they worth the buy?

Try the new flavors of M&Ms, Coffee, Honey, and Chili

M&M’s recently released three new flavors for their candy. Honey, Coffee and Chili. According to a review written on the Coffee flavor has received the best reviews among the three, simply based on taste. However, the writer of the article stated that nothing beats the original peanut flavor of M&Ms. This is proof that creating new flavors may help boost profits a little, but the consumer still prefers original or traditional flavors of food.

The same goes for the new soda flavored pop-tarts. Generally, customers prefer the chocolate or fruity flavors that Pop Tarts are known for. While fans of the product may want to give the new product a go, they are always going to return to the original.

Oreo is infamous for reinventing their cookies. Walk into any grocery store and you will find half an aisle stacked with various flavors of their cookies. When in reality the majority of people prefer the original Oreo cookie, the product that made the company big in the first place.

Combining different types of food and producing new flavors usually results in a flop. People can be daring, and most do like an interesting variety in their food. But Root beer flavored breakfast pastries are not going to draw a huge following.



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