The Perfect Dress for the Perfect Night

Finding the perfect prom dress is whats on many senior girls minds.

Photo Credit: Photo via Flicker under the Creative Commons License

Finding the perfect prom dress is what’s on many senior girls’ minds.

June 6th- one of the most important nights of a senior girl’s life. First, most girls await their. But, before the night arrives girls have to find the perfect dress to wear for the perfect night which is… difficult.

Prom night is one of the most important nights during senior year. All year all students discuss and prepare for is prom. Boys have the simple jobs of getting haircuts the day of and purchasing their tuxedo a month before; whereas, girls have the job of scheduling nail, hair and makeup appointments for the day, and ensuring that the perfect dress is found for the night. Finding the perfect dress can take months on end and requires trips to many various dress shops. Carly Devlin, a senior, remarks, “I found a prom dress I loved online. However, trying to find it in the store was impossible; I eventually gave up and settled for a different dress.”

If you didn’t see a style of dress that you liked at the Prom Fashion Show on February 26th, the search for a dress continues. There are two different types of prom dress stores. When a girl enters certain dress shops typically she is greeted and then immediately asked what size she is and what colors she would like. From there she is placed into a dressing room and given about four to five dresses the sales attendant has chosen for her. From there she is pressured to purchase a dress; the purchasing of the dress depends on how much the sales attendant gushes and tells her she looks great in it. The girl is given no real say in her prom dress purchase. Whereas, upon entering other prom dress stores a girl will be given no real help unless she is accompanied by her mother. In fact some prom dress stores will not let a girl shop for prom dresses unless she has an adult with her.

The other option for girls is to shop online,;this however brings upon many problems of its own. While shopping online, girls have to beware of fake websites where the prom dress is not actually designer- but rather a knockoff that may be cheaper, but will appear at their doorstep looking nothing like the actual picture. If a girl attempts to order from a legitimate website sizes have to guessed and the dress has to be ordered well in advance to ensure a proper delivery time.

Stephanie Polonis, a senior, explains: “If a girl has to get her prom dress altered, the deadline to buy the dress is March.” It may seem drastic to purchase a prom dress so early, however, alterations can take up to two weeks and the fight to ensure no girl has the same prom dress means that the earlier a dress is “claimed” the better.

In fact, to prevent girls from purchasing the same prom dress, the senior class has taken it upon themselves to use the social media network, Facebook, to make a group where girls attending prom post their dress so no dress will be worn twice.