Colonia High is a dead zone without WiFi


Internet is a huge part of today’s modern life, and people have centered their lives around it. It’s to the point where when WiFi is taken away from us it can be dangerous and and harder for us to do things that were once so easy.

WiFi in the Curriculum

In schools, curriculum is changing, and now most classwork can be found on websites like Google Classroom. WiFi can only be accessed by the principal and by devices that are connected to the schools computers and Chromebooks.

Ever since Chromebooks came into schools, there’s been a different learning environment. Teachers have adjusted to adapt to this new curriculum, which can only work if school WiFi is available to all devices. It’s often that students forget their Chromebook at home, have their Chromebook die in class, or the Chromebook breaks or glitches. What are they supposed to do for that class while the teacher is trying to teach? Not only would they be behind in that class but it would also effect their other classes and classwork. If WiFi was available they could simply use their phone and follow along with the rest of class, therefore causing no further disruption to the class.

Are we safe?

Not only can it effect the classroom environment, it can also be dangerous. It’s very common today to have different school emergencies. Teachers have no service and aren’t connected to WiFi, so they are unable to call the police. Even phones in class rooms can’t dial 911. Teachers would have to find someway to get in contact with the office, to then call 911. Is this really in the best interest for people in the school? It would be far less dangerous if the teacher could simply pick up their phone and dial 911 themselves. It could in the end save lives by getting them help faster.

Teachers also have personal matters that they have to deal with at times, like taking calls from doctors and specialists. Teachers have no way of answering or contacting the doctors back due to the no service. If it was an important call that could possibly be life threatening, they would have no way of knowing unless the person called the school.

Not only can teachers not reach other people but parents are also not able to reach their children. If something were to happen and they need to let their child know that maybe they will not be home or they need to walk or get a ride home they aren’t able to do so. They would have to call school which makes it so much harder  then just texting their child and getting a response and knowing that they will be okay.

People outside of the school need to be able to contact anyone inside emergency’s happen and you need to be available if something were to occur. After school, parents may not know where to pick up their child or be able to notify their child that they are waiting outside for pick up. Students have been yelled at by their parents about not responding to text messages, when it’s the lack of WiFi to blame.

It was rumored that the wifi might resume after 3PM to resolve the after school pick up problems that parents complain about, but it is May and it still hasn’t be turned back on. The decision on the WiFi, in this case, is not up to the Principal but rather the supervisors downtown.

Outside Reputation

Not only does this affect the instructional school day, but outside reporters coming to report on our sports teams. One specific incident with reporter, James Corrigan, when he came to one of the Boys’ Varsity Basketball games. These games are very popular in Colonia and bring in a lot of money. However, Corrigan was not able to stream the game live because there was no WiFi available. This WiFi situation is causing our school to have a certain reputation. People outside our school, including the police department,  refer to CHS as a “dead zone.” Quite frankly, it is embarrassing. It is 2019 and people expect WiFi, especially visitors. Colonia High seems to be stuck in the Stone Age.

Overall, is it in my belief that turning on the WiFi would benefit everyone in the school. Having WiFi not only could help the school become a safe environment, but also a productive environment.