Valentine’s Day is not only about romance


Photo Credit: Photo via Freepik under Creative Common License.

See how you can turn this Valentines Day into something more positive.

Valentine’s Day is the day when people express their love and affection to people that are special to them. However, those who don’t have that special someone often feels deserted during this time. But, what if Valentine’s Day wasn’t about spreading love to others but, rather showing that love to yourself.


Many people bemoan Valentine’s Day because they are single and perhaps not happy about it. They react to this by spreading hate instead of love. Some try to justify their opinion by publicly declaring that they are happy to be single, and not everyone needs romance. Therefore, jealousy is to blame for this behavior and is the main source of loneliness. But if the holiday was about celebrating one’s self-worth instead of their relationship status.  Everyone can enjoy it and feel “loved” one way or another.

Self Love

Instead of looking forward to a romantic date, take yourself out to a fancy dinner with friends. If you prefer a homemade meal, find a new recipe online and try it out. Treat yourself to a haircut, beauty treatment, or massage. Get your nails done or spend the day at the spa with your friends for a fun relaxing day. If you are more of the materialist type of person, buy yourself a gift. This gift could be something as little as a candle or as big as a designer bag. Have a movie marathon of your favorite non-romantic movies that will make you laugh and happy.

Giving to yourself is not the only thing that can make you happy, try giving to others as well. Buy your mom a bouquet of flowers with a note that states how much you appreciate her. Buy your brother or sister a gift thanking them for their love and support. Even if you are not close to your family, this can work for a best friend or a close co-worker. Something as little as candy or a card can really lighten someone’s day. Doing this kind of gesture is also very rewarding and fulfilling to the one giving the gift.

Make yourself happy

Even though Valentine’s Day can be miserable for some, there are plenty of ways to feel loved. Receiving love from yourself is not just about buying chocolate or clothes for yourself. It is also crucial for maintaining a healthy mentality. Knowing your self-worth and understanding that you deserve a treat once in a while is essential. Therefore take this upcoming Valentine’s Day for yourself and do something that makes you happy.