Is COVID-19 ruining senior year for the Class of 2021?


Photo Credit: Mrs. Danielle Allen

Graduation is a very memorable moment for all high school seniors. COVID-19 plagues the class of 2021 just as it did the Class of 2020.

COVID-19 has had an effect on everyone, no matter what age you are. However, high school seniors seem to be missing out on memorable school experiences.

Senior year events

Senior year is the year that every high school student looks forward to. During your senior year, there are events and experiences that are senior only. Due to COVID-19, high school seniors are missing out on these experiences. At Colonia High School, spirit week is one of the biggest events. During spirt week, each grade competes by dressing up and donating. This year, spirit week was done virtually, but that took away the pep rally. For seniors, this pep rally was the last they would ever experience in high school. For most, the senior year pep rally was the best. Right now, it is unclear if seniors will get a prom or graduation. If they are not able to, this will just add on to what has been taken away from them.

A lot of seniors also participate in sports. Most fall sports were able to happen this year, but of course with many restrictions. For those who don’t participate in fall sports, they would enjoy going to watch. Due to COVID-19, there was a limit on how many spectators could attend a game. Most seniors did not go to watch one last high school football game, which is a very universal high school experience. Winter sport senior athletes may not be able to have a senior season at all. In New Jersey, winter sports have been put at a complete pause until March 1st. It is not known if it will get cancelled at a later date. As for spring sports, it is unsaid at the moment.

After about a month delay, the Colonia High Class of 2020 had their socially-distant graduation with no family in attendance. The ceremony was videoed and live streamed for families to watch. (Photo Credit: Mrs. Danielle Allen)

College Applications

Applying to colleges can be a very stressful experience for many seniors. Usually, seniors who have questions are able to go right down to their counselor in school and have them answered. However, this year it is very different for seniors applying. Since most schools are fully online, students have to email their counselors when they have a question or just want to talk. Most counselors are very good at responding to emails and being there for their students. However, there are some students who have a lot of questions to ask and never get an answer.

Seniors are going into these applications having no clue what to do. Since their junior year got cut short also, they were not able to be prepared for applying to their colleges. Going into college applications blindly has really affected some seniors. Some seniors need step-by-step help when applying. Not being able to sit face to face with your counselor and having that help has really stressed out some seniors.

This years senior class has really missed out on a lot, and does not seem to get as much attention as the class of 2020 did when they only missed out on a few months. Hopefully, seniors are able to have a last few months of school, but it is unknown what is to come right now.