Warm weather results in stricter dress codes


Photo Credit: Photo via PBS under the Creative Commons License

Most summer attire is not allowed in schools per dress code.

By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

School dress codes have been around for decades and are there to make sure that students are dressing appropriately, but are these dress codes really reasonable?

Uncomfortable school days in warmer months

With summer around the corner, the weather is starting to get warmer. When the weather starts to get warmer, we like to dress accordingly. However, it’s very hard to dress accordingly to a school’s dress code. Almost every piece of summer attire is not permitted to wear. Many of these schools dress codes, including Colonia High School’s, do not take into account how hot it can become closer to summer. Students want to be comfortable while also getting an education.

Stores around the world do not sell a lot of clothes that will abide by a school’s dress code. When it’s closer to the summer months, school appropriate clothes are nowhere to be found. It’s hard for students to be both comfortable and follow a school’s dress code at the same time. A shirt that shows someone’s belly button or shorts that go above the knee won’t exactly get in the way of anyone’s education, however, this dress code is still in place for whatever reason.

Dress Codes have become very biased

Many of these dress codes have become very strict and slightly biased towards a certain gender. Girls are not allowed to show their shoulders, stomachs, skin above their knees, and a handful of other restrictions. Meanwhile, the dress codes are less strict when it comes to boy students. A lot of boy students will walk into school with a dry-fit, tight shirt that outlines what’s under the shirt and no disciplinary action will be taken. However, if a girl were to walk into school with a tank top (that’s showing her shoulders), she would instantly be written up and sent to go change.

School districts dress codes mainly only apply to their female students. A common phrase that’s said when someone points out how biased these dress codes are is “boys will be boys” or “the boys will become distracted.” It’s hard to believe that someone will be distracted by someone’s shoulder, but this is what girls around the world are told when they want to wear something they actually like to school. Most boys will only be sent to the office if their clothing includes gang signs or inappropriate language. Shaming girls for what they were and forcing different types of clothes on them is not the way to go. Schools should be teaching boys how to control themselves.

It’s understood that every school district needs a dress code. However, why exactly do these dress codes have to target girls? There definitely needs to be a change in the rules to make all students comfortable, not just boys.