Healthy Hair for the Winter Season

With frigid temperatures continuously upon us and the never ending frost permanently outlining the windows of our homes, caring for our hair may seem much more difficult than ever before. At times like this, it is essential to protect not only our body but most importantly our hair from the damage that winter may bestow upon it. Whether tangled in our chunky scarves or blown around by the wind, strands of hair are fragile and may suffer when not properly treated by an individual. Mentioned below are just few of the existing tips for looking after yourself more cautiously throughout this unbearable season:

1. Adapt your hair care to the season

Unlike the blazing season of summer, the time of winter is known to leave hair more brittle and dry, rather than sleek and glowing with shine. It’s important to adjust to this change by choosing a proper shampoo and conditioner, meant to moisturize and rescue hair in such situations. Using a hair treatment at least once a week, such as a leave-in-conditioner or hair oil, is also recommended for those struggling to revive their damaged, or possibly tangled, locks.

2. Keep hair washing to a minimum

It isn’t necessary to say that hygiene and care for hair is essential for every individual. Overdoing with shampoos and conditioners, however, can lead to much more dryness  in the winter season. This chemical products found in shampoos most definitely strips the hair of its oils and should be kept to a minimum and is only recommended two to three times a week, in order to preserve the hair’s moisture.

3. Regular trims are key

Regardless of the season, a regular hair cut is key to growing healthy and lengthy locks. Although we may believe our hair is properly nourished at all times, split ends tend to surprisingly reappear and the removal of them is essential in order to prevent further splitting of the hair. A hair cut every 6-8 weeks is suggested for females in order for hair to properly grow under any unbearable conditions.