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A closer look at Home Alone

Pictured in the movie poster, is the star, Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin.

By: Angelina Wintonick, Sports Editor

December 18, 2018

The holiday seasons are quickly approaching, and what better way to get into the spirit than by watching holiday classics? All over, people are watching t...

The Christmas Star shining in the night sky on Christmas Eve.

“The Journey to the Christmas Star” will bring a magical twist to your holiday season

December 17, 2018

The Journey to the Christmas Star is a Swedish holiday that follows the adventure of Sonya, a young orphan girl, as she tries to bring back the long lost Chr...

Netflix’s new movie is a modern day Christmas classic

Photo Credit: Photo via Netflix under the Creative Commons License

By: Emily Spillar, Reporter

December 15, 2018

Netflix recently released a new movie, "The Christmas Chronicles," and it has been putting many in the Christmas spirit! Throughout the past few ye...

Frosty the Snowman is a magical holiday must-see

Picture of frosty the snowman

By: Matthew Mendives, reporter

December 14, 2018

Frosty the Snowman is a Christmas special that came out on January 1, 1969. The song that goes along with the movie came out in 1950, written by Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson. The plot of Frosty the S...

The cast of

Revisiting “the Muppet Christmas Carol” hold merit

December 13, 2018

Summary The Muppet Christmas Carol is a 1992 film directed by Brian Henson. It was the first Muppet movie to come out after creator Jim Henson’s deat...

Netflix new movie ” The Princess Switch” won’t hit classic status

Photo via Netflix Films under Creative Commons License

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Reporter

December 12, 2018

On November 16, 2018 Netflix released a Christmas movie named The Princess Switch but it didn't give viewers the Christmas feels. Summary This movie...

Stay a while in Holiday Inn

A holiday classic, Holiday Inn takes you around the year with catchy songs and wonderful dances.

By: Kelly Branco, Reporter and Book Nook Editor

December 7, 2018

Holiday Inn (1942) is a movie musical written by Irving Berlin. It stars Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, and Majorie Reynolds. It follows the story of an inn...

Eight Crazy Nights is a Hanukkah Hit

Running away from his problems, Davey Stone is not in the holiday spirit.

By: Robyn Epstein, Editor

December 4, 2018

As the holiday season is approaching a great movie to watch is Eight Crazy Nights. Eight Crazy Nights is a Hanukkah movie involving a man named Davey S...

Clad in red and white Kurt Russel is Santa Claus in the new Netflix movie The Christmas chronicles.

Starting off the holiday season with The Christmas Chronicles

December 3, 2018

Netflix's new holiday hit featuring Kurt Russel as the big man follows Santa and two Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce on their adventure to save Christmas....

Charlie Brown Christmas Special Review.Thumbnail

The Charlie Brown Christmas special brings us holiday cheer year after year

December 22, 2016

Whether it be The Grinch or Rudolph, we all have that holiday special that excites us for Christmas. However, A Charlie Brown Christmas is the best one, and...

Released on November 21, 2007,

“This Christmas” completes your late movie nights

December 17, 2016

Released on November 21, 2007, director  Preston A. Whitmore II expresses the true meaning of a Christmas holiday as a broken family find union throug...

The holiday hit follows the lives of the Elwood City kids during the holidays.

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas is a perfect movie for the family

December 16, 2016

Once again, your favorite cartoon aardvark, Arthur Read, and the whole animal gang are back to celebrate Christmas in Arthur's Perfect Christmas. After 16...

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