A pep rally to remember

Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
During musical chairs, finding a seat is a can be a challenge.

Here at Colonia High school, a blue and gold pep rally is the annual tradition that finishes off spirit week, where students of all grades gather to participate and show school pride.

Some schools do not have events that give the opportunity for students to show school spirit. But at Colonia High School, students come together on the bleachers to participate in various activities that show unity and spirit. Activities include the scavenger hunt, musical chairs, and relay race.  The pep rally is an event that revolves around the students and their voice. Every year the pep rally events change based on what the students liked and disliked about previous rallies. Students, while working with student council create the events. This makes it easier for the school to meet the students demands but also ensure safety. With the school advisers and student council working in unison, a lot of work takes place in order to organize this event.

The pep rally encourages healthy competition. During spirit week, leading into the pep rally, students compete to put their grade in first place. While consistent individual performance plays a big role in winning points.  It also emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Students must encourage their friends to participate as well in order to really earn and hold the number one spot. All week long students competed in Dime Wars during lunches which raises the prize money the classes are competing to win.

“I enjoy the healthy competition between the classes. During the pep rally, you can finally see all the classes come together and enjoy their time at Colonia High School,”  said junior class adviser, Alisha Davison.

Every year at the pep rally, the students find out the winner.  The class with the most points wins first place. Although everyday the grade in first place could change. Students are encouraged to participate for points.  To earn points students collect items. Students dress according to the daily themes.

During the pep rally, the juniors virtually swept the scavenger hunt event. Ms. Greene, senior class adviser, let the seniors to musical chair victory after much pushing and seat stealing. Also, the seniors bolted from the starting line of the relay race around the track in hopes of securing a overall first place victory for Spirit Week.

However, a question remains, is spirit week rigged?  Everyone unanimously knew the answer to that question when the juniors won first place and $500 for their treasury instead of the seniors, prom bid prices may increase this year. 

“Prom this year is going to be really expensive, and the senior class can not raise the money”. Said Senior, Rana Reza. “I am not going to prom if it is $100 for a prom ticket”.

The win for the juniors doesn’t mean they can shirk their fundraising duties this year. They plan on doing a paint party, Joe Corbi pizza selling, and a possible Five Below fundraiser around the holidays.

Every dollar counts and the juniors and seniors know that very well now. They also know that having the most school spirit goes a long way.